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As-salamu' alaikum

The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) at Syracuse University welcomes you to our website. We hope the presence of this website will enhance your experiences with the MSA. Whether you are a member, friend, or supporter, of the MSA, this is the place to find all sorts of information regarding Muslims at Syracuse University. 

Click on Calendar or Events to find out what events are coming up, and click on News to see our past events!

Our Mission

Amongst many other fundamentals, the Muslim Students' Association at Syracuse University will strive:

  • To give an opportunity to Muslims and members of the Association to come in close contact with one another in the true sense of Islamic sister and brotherhood.
  • To carry out educational and social programs that will further Syracuse University's knowledge and appreciation of Islam and Muslim heritage. The MSA at Syracuse University will also seek to establish a relationship with the Syracuse University community that is based on mutual
  • trust, respect, cooperation and support.
  • To advocate for justice, equality and prosperity for local, national and international causes for all people.
  • To allow Muslim students to take an active role in the Syracuse community through communication and service projects.

God willing, we will be able to perform our duties as an Organization to the utmost potential of our capabilities.


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