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Amir Duric - Chaplain 
About Amir
Amir Duric is Muslim chaplain at Syracuse University. In this role, Mr. Duric will oversee educational programs supporting students, faculty, and staff. The goal of the chaplaincy is to create an inclusive community and to engage in sincere reflections that result in religious, intellectual, and social growth through educational programs and spiritual guidance based on Islamic principles. Mr. Duric has a BA in Islamic Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Imam and Muslim Community Leadership. He’s currently studying for an MA in Religious Studies and Islamic Chaplaincy at Hartford Seminary.

Chaudhary Hamza Sadiq - President 
About Chaudhary Hamza
Enes O Sayin - Secretary 
About Enes
Ghufran Salih - Social Media/Advertising 
About Ghufran
Hassina Adams - Fiscal Agent 
About Hassina
Shonnan Usman - Treasurer 
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Tahsin Tahmid - Vice President 
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MSA Executive Boards Over the Years:

Executive Board 2017-2018 (with Imam Khalid Latif and Chaplain Amir Duric) from left to right: Hassina Adams, Hamza Sadiq, Shonnan Usman, Chaplain Amir Duric, Imam Khalid Latif, Tahsin Tahmid, Nawal Ahmed. Not pictured here: Enes Sayin, Anab Sheekh, Dahabo Farah

Executive Board 2016-17: From left to right: Maryam El-Hindi, Co-President, Shewa Shwani, Vice President, Dina Eldawy, Co-President. Not pictured here: Mohamed Sahraoui, Treasurer.

Executive Board 2015-16 - From left to right: Zainab Abdali, President, Hatou Camara, VP of External Affairs, Leila Gheith, VP of Internal Affairs, Maheer Azad, Secretary, Anel Hirkic, Public Relations Chair, Mohamed Sahraoui, Treasurer, Mohammad Ashkar, Treasurer