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Pioneering Efforts:

The Muslim Students' Association at Syracuse University has long been one of the pioneering MSA's in the nation with regards to amenities. In 1995, Syracuse University was the first University to officially recognize Eid-ul-Fitr as a University holiday. To this day, countless MSA's are lobbying University Administrators to recognize our Eid Holidays as official University Holidays. The obstacles many Muslim student bodies at other Universities face today, have been addressed decades ago for the Muslims at Syracuse University. This is largely due to the relentless efforts of Imam Dr. Ahmed Kobeisy and other leaders in the community. As a result of their great efforts we also have the luxuries of:

  •  Halal Food at Shaw Dining Hall
  • A MSA Prayer Room in Hendricks Chapel
  • Wudu Stations in Hendricks Chapel

These are just a few of the many amenities afforded to Muslim Students' at Syracuse University. Such amenities distinguish us from the majority of other Universities across the nation.


Halal Food at Shaw Dining Hall:

The Halal food at Shaw Dining Hall is specially prepared for Muslim Students. This requires the student to place an order in advance, which is then prepared by the staff at Shaw for the student at a specified time. The process can be broken down into five simple steps:

  1. Call Shaw Dining Hall at (315) 443-2383
  2. Tell them you would like to order Halal food. They will most likely ask you what you would like; request any reasonable dish.
  3. Leave a name with your order and give them a time of your arrival.
  4. Head over to Shaw Dining Hall at the time you stated and let the workers know you are there to pick up your Halal food.
  5. Enjoy your meal! 

MSA Prayer Room in Hendricks:

The MSA Prayer Room is located in the basement of Hendricks Chapel. If you come in from the handicap entrance on the east side of Hendricks Chapel, the Prayer Room will be the first door on your left. If you come in from any other door, the room is in the hallway across from Peoples Place. Please respect the Prayer Room and refrain from littering in the area. If the MSA Prayer Room is locked, you must go to the Deans Office and request the staff to open the door for you. 

Islamic Society of Central New York(ISCNY):

The  ISCNY is the local Masjid(Mosque) in Syracuse. It is a short walk from main campus and is located at 925 Comstock Avenue. You can find more information on their  website.

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Other Places

Jerusalam Supermarket
1927 Teall Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 295-0456

Madina Halal cafe and Market
1758 Erie Blvd,
Syracuse, NY 13210

Baghdad Market
524 Hawley Ave
Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 314-7339

Samrat Indian Restaurant
701 S Crouse Ave # 2
Syracuse, NY 13210-1748
(315) 479-6051 

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
3138 Erie Boulevard East
Syracuse, NY 13214-1262
(315) 446-2229

Altanoor Bakery and Halal Market
1824 Grant Blvd 
Syracuse NY 13208 

Islamic and Ethnic Clothing Boutique
622 North Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
Tel: 315-330-9000

Masjid Isa Ibn  Maryam
501 Park St
Syracuse, NY 13203
315-401-0253 |