Meet Our Officers

 President - Nathaniel Rose

"My name is Nathaniel Rose. I’m from Bronx New York and I am a Computer Engineer in the class of 2014. I am the President at  NSBE-SU. NSBE is all about family. It’s a place where people who are going through a similar academic struggle can come together and help each other to overcome obstacles. Once you join NSBE your making an agreement to our organization that tomorrow you’re going to work twice as hard than you did today at achieving your life endeavors." - Nathaniel


Vice President – Dianna Jackson

 "Hi, My name is Dianna Jackson. I am a Junior currently majoring in Computer Engineering. I am from Chicago and I love the Bulls. To me NSBE is an opportunity to meet and prosper with people like myself. NSBE to me means home away from home, my second family and a chance to improve my community." -Dianna


Secretary – Patrina Bailey

"My name is Patrina Bailey, Mechanical Engineering Major-2016, NSBE-Treasurer 2013-2014. I had wanted to be more involved with NSBE since the beginning of my freshman year. It had captivated me with its purpose and GBMs. I believe in NSBE's mission statement and all we do for our community and students here at SU. I also would like to get to know NSBE more on a national level, which is why I plan on attending the National Convention this year to further my understanding and appreciation for this society, and hopefully further spread what NSBE's all about to those I'll meet in the future." - Patrina


Treasurer - Philipp-Alain Bastien

"I am junior, majoring in Computer Engineering. I joined NSBE because I have a passion for engineering and I think that being on the Eboard will help me acquire the skills that will  be beneficial to  the pursuit of my chosen career." - Philipp



Programs Chair - Keylin Hartfield 


Academic Excellence Chair - Regina Kuria



National Conference Planning Chair - Chelsea Stephens

"I decided to join the National Society of Black Engineers because I wanted to become more involved in my college and help make a positive impact in the Syracuse Community. I remained apart of NSBE because it has provided me with opportunities to grow professionally and achieve academic success both inside and out the classroom. More importantly, the unification within the organization has allowed me to develop a support system within the college and a family outside of my own." - CJ 


Membership Chair- Sasha Weise


Finance Chair - Tania Nsouli

"I am a Junior Computer Engineering Major at Syracuse University. I joined NSBE because I wanted to become more involved and make an impact on the engineering society at Syracuse University. I hoped to help engage other students with programs and activities set up by NSBE and are Engineering-related. " - Tania



Freshman Representative - Sade C. Johnson 

"When I first stepped onto Syracuse University's campus, I sought to find an organization of interest where I would feel at home. NSBE was that organization. Not only did it expose me to an innumerable amount of accomplished, adult individuals, but it has also introduced me to a peer-based network within my school community that could help me succeed academically, professionally and socially throughout my college career." - Sade



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