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Raices Dance Troupe was established during the fall of 1997, by a group of students who wanted to educate the SU community about the richness and diversity of the Latino culture trough music and dance. The word RAICES, which means "roots" in Spanish, was chosen to express and create an appreciation of our roots and past. Since its inception it has remained as the only Latin dance group on the Syracuse University campus.


The Raices Dance Troupe derives its purpose through the appreciation of traditional and non-traditional Caribbean and Latin American dance. It concentrates its efforts on educating the Syracuse University community about the Latin American culture.


Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate, SU and ESF students, who audition and pass our performance expectation based on their dancing, grace and attitude towards the troupe. All members must be able to have a time commitment to the troupe especially during rehearsals for performances.


Raices Dance Troupe is a demanding troupe and will require its members to be active participants. This is defined as participating in general body meetings, generally held weekly throughout the academic year, and rehearsals every week and attending additional practice times when designated by the choreographer. The purposes of the meetings are to inform troupe members of any performance requests and other such information.


We have membership dues of $125/semester depending on your membership status established in the Fall semester.