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  • Category: Cultural/International
  • Description: The objective of the Caribbean Students Association (C.S.A) of Syracuse University is to promote the awareness of Caribbean Culture on and off campus by facilitating discourse about issues faced in the Caribbean and by promoting culture Caribbean cultural activities through the medium of visual and performing arts which is a central aspect of Caribbean culture. Forums with panelist, general lectures, relief funds, drives, cultural shows, and festivals will be used to incorporate these aspects of the Caribbean and achieve the mission of the Caribbean Students Association. C.S.A.’s constituencies are inclusive, for those of Caribbean or Non-Caribbean decent, but also to the Syracuse communities and the Caribbean. The culture is spread through our TradeWinds Magazine ,the Island Ride Radio Program on Z89 and all the other projects that are being done. What we believe in : We should work together to improve human conditions in the Caribbean We can impact social,civic,and economic issues in the Caribbean We must strengthen the relationship between Diasporic Caribbean peoples everywhere
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