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  • Description: Welcome to the website of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), at Syracuse University. We are a non-profit student organization officially registered at Syracuse University. Our members include more than 1300 Chinese students and scholars studying and working at Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF and SUNY-UMU. Besides, we also welcome students from other countries and regions and their family and friends to join as well. An executive presidium of five people is elected every year on the basis of volunteering. Our primary goals are to help Chinese newcomers to settle down and adapt into the new life in the U.S., to organize a variety of cultural activities for all the members in the SU community, and to provide a communication platform for our members to stay closer with each other. Any activities that we organize, such as newcomers BBQ, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala, Chinese Spring Festival Gala, singing Contest, and academic lecture series, will not succeed without your active participation. We also welcome your novel ideas about activities that you are interested in. Please join us, and feel free to contact with our members with any questions or comments!
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