Haitian American Students Association

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  • Category: Cultural/International
  • Description: The purpose of this organization shall be to broaden the awareness of the Haitian culture and promote unity and self-awareness among students of Haitian descendant on Syracuse University's campus. We will educate both the campus and surrounding community on the social, economical, and political issues affecting Haiti currently. Through running programs such as seminars and lectures with guest speakers, social events, fund-raising, and bi-weekly general body meetings, we can help highlight the prosperity and achievements of the country. It is through education that myths, stigma, and stereotypes can be abolished. Our mission is to help foster an atmosphere of cultural acceptance and diversity at Syracuse University.
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/hasa.su
  • Keywords:
    • Haitian
    • Cultural
    • Diverse
    • Awareness
    • Kompa
    • Social
    • Events
    • Forums
    • Speakers
    • Haiti
    • Caribbean
    • Culture

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