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  • Category: Cultural/International
  • Description: Latinx Undergraduates Creating History in America, also known as La LUCHA, was founded in 1989 by a group of students determined to: raise Latinx-based cultural awareness, foster local, national, and international activism, and unite marginalized communities on Syracuse University‚Äôs campus. The organization was nicknamed La LUCHA due to the growing misuse of the word 'hispanic'. Lucha is the Spanish word for struggle, or fight; the word has been symbolically reclaimed as a term used to describe determination and strength. La LUCHA's Mission Statement is: Education. Empowerment. Culture. Involvement. Unity and Passion. Since 1989.
  • Website: lalucha1989
  • Keywords:
    • Cultural
    • Latino
    • Campus
    • Hispanics
    • Workshops
    • Cafe Con Leche
    • Cafe Con Bubble Tea
    • Un/a LUCHAdor/a

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